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Staff Needs

Our base is in a very exciting time of growth. We run a wide varieties of ministries and programs. However if we are going to keep growing we need more people! our staff number is the only thing keeping many of these ministries from expanding, as we only have so many man hours. Below we have listed some of the areas where we need people that are passionate about that area of ministry.

If you have already completed a DTS then you can apply to come on staff!

Could God be calling YOU to St.Croix?

* YWAM is a nonprofit organization and no one in YWAM receives a salary. All of our staff are self-supported missionaries.

These are the roles that we are looking to fill with full-time staff. To apply, you need to have completed a DTS, and are willing to make a two year commitment. If you are looking to volunteer short term, check out our volunteer page!

DTS Staff

We try to run one DTS a year, and each time it is very busy! We are always in need of staff who are passionate about discipleship and who are willing to walk with students throughout lecture phase & outreach in order to see God work in the students' lives and hearts.


NIKO is a 5-day outdoor survival camp that specializes in teaching leadership skills. This is something that our staff team is very passionate about, so we welcome anyone who is interested in outdoor ministry, teaching leadership and guiding young people! You must complete a NIKO camp first, but we can help you with that!

Paradise Mills- Childrens Ministry

We need people with a big heart for the families in the community. To play with kids and teach them about Jesus. To show them Jesus's love and care. To share with moms the hope of Christ. To be a bridge between unbelievers and Jesus.

Team Coordinators

We host an average of 15 teams a year that come for 1-2 weeks. We need people that have a heart for short-term teams. To be the bridge between short-term missions and local needs/ministries. To plan and host teams as they work with us and our partner ministries.

Kitchen Staff

We often are feeding 30 people a day, and much more in the summer! We need people that love cooking/planning meals to help run our kitchen. This is an area that we all pitch in on, but we are always looking for those that are passionate about it!


We currently run basketball twice a week. We need more staff with a heart for sports and to see it used to bring people to God. We would love to see volleyball become a bigger ministry here, and are open to other sports too!


We would like to see more people join us that have a heart for worship and intercession. To take our ministries like Prayer Room and community worship nights and plan, lead, and expand them. To focus on ministering to the heart of God and praying his heart over our island and our world!

King's Kids- Childrens Ministry

This ministry needs people that are passionate about seeing youth grow and be discipled all year long. Those willing to walk alongside youth and mentor them. We need teachers, mentors, dance teachers, and anyone with a heart to see youth raised up into strong/prepared believers.


We always need people that are gifted in, and enjoy, maintainence, landscaping, construction, masonry, auto repair, etc. Between base repairs/needs and projects, we are always busy in these areas! We would also love to start bringing in youth to be trained in practical areas.

Base Administration

Our ministry couldn't run without people to coordinate our calendar, do the bookkeeping, file government reports, keep on top of the paperwork, edit our website, etc. This is often an overlooked area of missions, but so vital! Do you had an administration gifting!? Join us!

* Due to local immagration issues we are currently unable to accept staff from African nations unless they already have a U.S visa.

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