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Hurricane Maria

September 19, 2017 Hurricane Maria was the tenth-most intense Atlantic hurricane on record. It Hit St.Croix as a Category 5 (highest classification) storm with maximum sustained winds of 175 mph (280 km/h). There were gusts up to 215 mph recorded on St.Croix before the weather station was destroyed. Approximately 70% of structures were damaged or destroyed on the island.

What was damaged?

The YWAM base is located on 5 acres, with four main buildings, a trailer, and five cabins with a bathhouse.

  •  The main building, our Great House, lost the dining room roof (covering a 1,400 square foot room) It lifted off and crashed behind the building taking out the laundry area, the water pump room roof, and trees. It smashed in the cabin bathhouse, breaking a portion of it, but also knocking the entire frame, making it unsafe. It also stripped the tin off the kitchen, leaving the wood exposed.

  • Major flooding the 1st floor of the Great House, effecting guest rooms, office, library, and ministry supply storage. At one point there was a foot of standing water in some rooms! We lost all of the furniture in two guest rooms and will have to replace the tile in several rooms as well.

  •  The trailer, which was used for team/volunteer housing, flipped on it's side, completely destroying it and the contents. (3 bedrooms)

  • The apartment row where most of the staff lives was fine!!! Only very minor damage! No staff housing was damaged and no personal items were lost!

  • The new building (classroom/dance studio/prayer room), that we JUST finished less than a month before the storm, has very little damage! Some doors were damaged, and we have to replace some flooring.

  • We had a carport that fit 5 cars, it was completely destroyed.

  • The base is covered in trees and they sustained heavy damage or were destroyed.

  • Major furniture losses:  We lost 22 mattresses, 6 fridges, a chest freezer, ice maker, washer & dryer, and gutters.

What we have repaired/rebuilt

  • Picked up all debris (solar panel, hardware, etc)

  • Picked up all branches and disposed/burned

  • Removed downed trees

  • Dismantled and disposed of trailer

  • Took all destroyed furniture/appliances to the dump

  • Roof debris torn apart and removed

  • Got water out of first floor

  • Put cabins back on their foundations

  • Tore down bathhouse

  • Extended bathhouse foundation

  • Built new bathhouse

  • Re-ran all electrical wires to cabin area

  • Extended laundry area pad

  • Rebuilt laundry/pump house roof

  • Rebuilt pool bathroom

  • Welded basketball pole

  • Installed new lights on basketball court

  • Trimmed all trees on base

  • Poured new stairs behind cotton house

  • Tore down damaged snack bar

  • Rebuilt 3 picnic tables

  • Built 2 picnic tables from wood scraps

  • New fencing on all 5 acres

  • Replaced damaged classroom flooring

  • Tore down old library wall

  • Cut new doorway for guest room

  • New electrical run to guest room

  • Exterior lights/floodlights replaced

  • Replaced destroyed pool fence

  • Welded front porch rails

  • Painted multiple rooms & cotton house

  • Replaced damaged gas lines

  • Re-ran internet cables to all staff housing & main areas

  • New roof on Dining room

  • New roof on Kitchen

  • New lights in Dining room and kitchen

  • Replace tile in office

  • Finish exterior of new bathhouse

  • Finish running internet cables & replacing routers

  • Install new doors to 2 guest rooms

  • Replace damaged wood in pantry

  • Gutters on Great House

  • Gutters on Apartment Row

  • Repair Cotton House roof

What still be needs to be done

  • Gut all kitchen cabinets (mold & water damage)

  • Install/build new kitchen cabinets

  • New kitchen countertops

  • Replace all electrical in Great House

  • Replace tile in main guest room

  • Install new windows (Great House 1st floor)

  • Renovate main guest room bathroom

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