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CHildren & youth ministry

Our children and youth are searching for love, acceptance, and meaningful answers. We hope not only to introduce them to Jesus but to speak to the life issues and challenges that they face daily. This may be an island but the kids live in an inner-city environment; drugs are rampant, alcohol is cheaper than milk, and peer pressure is intense. For the kids to hold on to their faith and desire to grow in Christ, they must be discipled. Our hope is to equip them to become leaders of integrity for their generation. First they must realize who they are in Christ and receive His love and forgiveness. Then they will begin to reach their peers with God’s redeeming love! Reaching children and youth is vital if we are to impact this generation! YWAM St. Croix has a heart to see our children and youth grow up to be all that God has intended them to be. Many struggle to see beyond their current situations and we want them to know that God has a plan for their lives! We hope to instill value, purpose and Godly character through mentoring, camps, community outreach, and discipleship.


Children & Youth Ministry is a large part of what we do as YWAM STX. We have so many kids that are open and needing love, direction, and discipleship. We never lack for ministry opportunities; only people and time.
There are three main children & youth ministries that we run. Click below for more information on each ministry!
Paradise Mills

A weekly community outreach ministry.

Summer Camps

Summer camps and year long discipleship program

Jericho Kids

VBS style summer day camps.

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