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Paradise Mills


Mission Statement:
Bringing the light of Jesus into the community of Paradise Mills, by intentionally building relationships with the children & families to open up the door for discipleship and ministry.

Paradise Mills is one of the government housing projects on island. YWAM has been working with kids from Paradise Mills in many ways for over a decade. We have grown close with these kids and many of their amazing mommas. We go and love on the kids, showing them Christ's love through our actions. We currently go once a week and spend an hour and a half playing with the kids and sharing a lesson and songs. For many, us simply remembering to ask about a test they mentioned last week or following up on a previous conversation, can mean the world to them. Having people that they know are "safe" and that care about them is important. These kids and their families are so precious!  Our goal is do do anything that we can do to care for them, support their parents, and give them more positive reinforcement!

After game time we have a short lesson. We try to base our lessons around thing that they can immediately grasp and apply. One week may be about loving others by using nice word and the next about forgiving people when they hurt us. We try and give them a goal for the week based on the lesson. Then we close with fun bible action songs and prayer.

In the summer many of the kids attend camps here at YWAM, where we are able to go deeper with them.

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