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Mission Statement:
We believe that children, preteens and teenagers have a God-given destiny and spiritual capacity. King’s Kids seeks to lead children and youth into a proven knowledge of God, bring God joy, and together make God known to all peoples.

King's Kids Summer Camps

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King's Kids is an international ministry of Youth With A Mission that began in 1989 and currently is run all over the world. King’s Kids is committed to leading children, teenagers and families into a proven knowledge of God and together make Him known to all peoples.



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This summer we are running FOUR camps - 3 Kings Kids and one Jericho Kids (VBS style). We are not an overly expensive camp however each year we set up a scholarship fund for those unable to pay the full amount. In order to cover this and the cost of craft supplies we are needing $1,500. Please pray about joining the team to make it possible for the kids at Paradise Mills and others on island to attend our camp.


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Why we do what we do.

Here in St. Croix this ministry began in 2009 and has continued to grow. Our desire is to help children and youth develop a strong Christian foundation that will stabilize them as they grow and build on it for the rest of their lives. A child's worldview is formed by the age of 14, so it is imperative that a child is taught biblical truths from a very young age. We believe that our children and youth have the same spiritual capacity as an adult, and that by "watering down" the bible for them we are doing them a disservice. Our program is all about discipling youth so that they can go out and live Godly lives, have a firm foundation, and to become leaders in their generation. King's Kids is aimed primarily at church kids because as a church how can we invite others to come walk with God if we are not doing it? Some kids come in with a strong relationship already, and we just help them to continue growing, for others it is starting at the beginning. We do this all as a family, recognizing that we are all growing and learning.


Summer Programs

Our summer programs aim to get the participants to think about their faith and beliefs. To challenge them and make them think about why they believe what they do. Is it because they were told so? It is because the bible said so? Society? We want them to walk away with a personal Faith and relationship with God that is based on the Bible and God's character. Not just because it is something that their parents/church believe; but as something that they have taken ahold of for themselves.


Year Long Program

From the camps we choose a group of kids to work with through out the whole year. This is a more intense discipleship program where we walk with each child and help them grow more in their walk with God. Beyond that we encourage them to step out in their faith and practically walk it out; to bear fruit. As part of this we do community service and local outreaches throughout the year.