There are a couple ways to give towards the ministries of YWAM St.Croix.

1. Towards a specific ministry. You can specify that you would like to donate towards Children Ministry, King's Kids, Sports, etc and the money will go in that ministry.

2. A general donation. Undesignated donations will go towards whatever the current greatest needs are.

3. A specific project or need. Below is a list of some of the current projects and needs. You can give towards a specific need on the list! It can be the total amount needed or whatever number you have to give.

Summer Camp Scholarships- $25 - $150

Every summer we run 3-4 weeks of summer camps. We run 1 week of a VBS style day camp called Jericho Kids. Each year we sponsor approx 90% of the camp fees for a group of kids from the housing project that we work with. We rely on donors to help cover our costs so that these kids can attend camp. For many, it is the highlight of their entire year! $25 will sponsor a child for a week! King's Kids is a one week overnight camp. This is for kids who are ready for more intensive discipleship! $150 sponsors one child for the week!
Basketball Court Resurfacing- $4,500

Our basketball court gets used at least three nights a week with local guys coming to play; as well as with camps, teams, schools, and our staff. Between the use and the weather, the surface has completely worn through in several spots and is getting there in many more. It has been 15 years since it was last coated. We would love to be able to level the low areas to stop water pooling, resurface it with a protective coating, and a new paint job.

Pool repair- $

The pool is  a huge ministry tool that we don't want to lose. It is a highlight for teams, campers, and volunteers alike.  In the past 6 years we have done some major renovations on the pool area and plumbing. However we are still leaking water. After the Hurricane it also sat empty for 5 months as we had no power, so all the paint came off, or is coming off. So with the advisement of several pros, we are planning on putting in a pool liner that will resolve our leak problem and lasts far longer than repainting.

We also have many construction projects that we are working on from Hurricane Maria. See what has been done and what still needs to be done here.